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December 10, 2009

My name is Stephanie Piercey and I have created this opera blog specifically for professional opera singers and aspiring young professionals. I have worked in the business for almost 20 years now, mostly in Europe and have recently returned to the marketplace, in Canada, only to find that all of the work I have done in Europe counts for almost nothing here and that there is a kind of stange atmosphere, very exclusionist and very closed-shop. I have spent years perfecting my art and tecnique and a lot of money only to find myself put on the shelf as an anomalie.

Admittedly, the opera world has suffered a few knocks caused by the difficult economic situation. From my observations I have noticed that the United States has become even more protectionist and working there as a singer is almost impossible. This makes sense when you realize that because of the crash much of the funding that has been available to the opera community in the past, has suddenly become non-existant, resulting in much less work. What little work there is available should logically go to artists in their own country.

However, the question is, are we seeing the same pattern of events here in Canada,? From what I have seen, Canada seems to be a place, in the cultural milieu, where any artist from another country is better than an artist from here. Even in this economic climate, where hiring a canadian would make monetary sense, canadian singers are still being shunted aside to make way for artist from other countries.

I have also noticed in the time that I have been away that the quality of musicianship among coaches and accompanist has deteriorated markedly. In this past year, I have done several auditions and the quality of the accompanists, for which I/we have payed a premium, has been disastrously low. 

I have so many more observations to make, but I would love to hear from anyone out there in the same positon as myself. I hope that this will become a forum in which Canadian classical/opera singers can express themselves, share solutions and hopefully advance the cause of an art, that despite being seen as elitist and perhaps irrelevant in this day and age , can still touch the human soul in the most profound way possible,

I open the floor to you.

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December 9, 2009

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